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We finally finished our coast to coast journey in Savannah, Georgia

Alex and Regina after their swim in the Atlantic


The Savannah celiac support group was nice
enough to welcome us at the finish line!


Regina doing a post trip TV interview on the pier



Now Regina can rest her tired and beat up body!

But our work and our celebrating wasn't done yet!

Regina with her mom and dad at a celebration event in Easton, PA

Regina signing autographs for one of her new fans

Phil Messinger and Regina with the "Water To Go" truck, the event sponsor


Gina at the Center for Celiac Research in
Baltimore with Pam King, Director of Operations, and Dr. Carlo Catassi.

Regina checking out the lab's latest work on celiac. Perhaps this will be her next career!

Regina with Marge and Dick Rogers, two hard-working members of the Boston area celiac support group.

We also managed to catch some baseball games along the way!

Gina at the Phillies vs. Sox game in Philadelphia



The Orioles taking on the Yankees in Baltimore


Gina, Alex & Bev at Fenway in Boston, where the Sox took on the Indians



"The Pesky Pole" in Fenway Park. Did you know
that Johnny Pesky has celiac disease?


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